About the Artist

I make jewelry because, I can’t not make jewelry.

I have beads from my childhood in St. Louis, Missouri. I know where every bead came from.

My other great passion is the woven structure. All things fiber are beautiful to me, from the finest silk jacquard to the coarsest burlap. I love the intertwining of horizontal and vertical threads.

My first loom, age 10, was made from Popsicle sticks (thanks to my brother). I learned the frustration and joy of weaving on the small loom. I cried setting up that first warp. Come to think of it, I cried setting up my Mattel knitting machine when I was 12. I’ve ripped out; torn out, unwoven, unraveled more thread and yarn than I can remember. But always, always, I continue. I love structured s=created by the techniques of manipulating fiber. I love manipulating fiber.

I have dressed many looms far bigger since then. I went on to weave rugs for interior designers. My most proud commission being a 10’x 20’ hand dyed, hand woven red rug for famed interior design firm Parish Hadley. I apprenticed and worked at The Scheuer Tapestry Studio in Greenwich Village. I learned the finest skill in the art of weaving there – French Tapestry in the Goblein Tradition.

I admit it has now been years since I spun a bobbin in my hand. I was sidetracked by marriage, baseball and 3 beautiful boys, my sons. Hmmm, baseball, now that’s an odd thing to sidetrack a weaver, unless you’re married to someone whose career is on a baseball diamond.

I stood up on day while weaving a self-portrait on my upright loom and just never sat back down. Every new year that comes I say this is the year I will return to my loom. There is a portrait of a young woman, half woven, on my tapestry loom. Someday a much older woman will return to finish weaving her.

And so I weave, knit crochet and wrap small structures that can be adorned. Bringing together my two great loves, beads – any item with a hole in it – and weaving – the interlacing of fiber on horizontal and vertical planes.

I design my work to be beautiful and most importantly wearable, able to be easily worn with jeans or an evening gown. Meant to enhance the woman wearing it, but not outshine her.

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